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Full Training Suite

With W360 you don't just receive a few tidbits on one part of your business. You receive full training on all aspects of your business. When you join the thousands of students already enrolled with W360 you will learn real world strategies and techniques for:

  • Starting and Running Your Business
  • Branding and Marketing Your Business
  • Best Practices for Customer Service
  • Best Practices for Techs in the Field
  • Increasing Your Ticket Average and Closing Rate with In-Home Sales Training.

The W360 full training suite includes the following:

business master plan

With our Business Master Plan course, you will learn the ins and outs of business, starting with how to get your business up and running. We teach you about company culture, hiring the right people, firing the wrong ones, how to implement the correct systems, how to create accountability and how to incentivize your employees. Large or small, every business can use a little help now and then and this Business Master Plan course is a great beginning to a new and improved you.

branding & marketing

Branding, advertising, and marketing are essential to grow a company. Without it, there are not leads or customers. We all need to be able to brand and advertise our companies effectively. That's why we offer our B.A.M course. The Branding, Advertising, & Marketing course will take you from the very beginning of creating your logo and take you all the way to the best marketing avenues for you. Learn how to perfect your elevator pitch, create captivating ad copy, and have the best home show.

Customer service

Customer service is incredibly important to your company. The reps who answer the phone, book appointments and schedule jobs are, many times, your customers first contact with your company. Our Customer Service Concierge course will take your customer service reps to the next level. Teaching them how to answer the phones properly, how to speak with the customers, and how best to tee your sales team up for success when they get out to the home is what this course is all about.

Top tech training

Your technicians are experts at the jobs they do, whether it be installing a product, completing a service or building something for your customer. But many times, the tech is the last person your customer deals with. Are they leaving the customer with a 5 star rating feeling? Probably not, only because they don't realize that customer service is also part of their job. We'll teach your techs how to not only do a great job, but also how to make the customer feel happy, satisfied, and ready to leave a great review.

The "when can you do it?" sales process

Sales are everything in a home service company. You can have great branding, great advertising, great customer service reps, and great techs, but if your sales team can't close the leads, there is no business. Our "When Can You Do It?" Sales Course is meant to get your sales team not only to an 80-90% closing rate, but also to increase their ticket averages

The "When Can You Do It?" Sales Process was created by our founder, Tom Decker, who perfected this process over decades of trial and error. The process is trademarked and Tom even wrote a book about it. Tom has spent decades learning what works and what doesn't and he is here to teach your sales team the same things, but without the years Tom spent figuring it out. Let Tom speed up the process for you and teach your sales team a direct and proven process to get the sale almost every time. If Tom hasn't personally done something, he won't tell your team to do it. The only thing they'll learn is a tried and true process that works.

Plus all of this:

Weekly drop in calls

Tom and his team want to see you succeed and we know running a service business can be difficult and sometimes confusing. So each week we offer drop in calls to go over topics important to your business. Each Thursday, we discuss business, branding, and operations topics from 2-4pm and on Fridays from 2-4pm we discuss in-home sales questions, objections, presentations and more. Once you're registered with W360 you can visit our Events and Calls page and hop right on the calls from there. We look forward to seeing you on these calls each week!

Ultimate Toolbox

With the W360 Full Business Training Suite you will have access to some of the best tools available in our Ultimate Toolbox. You will receive ongoing content outside of our courses. Each week Tom and his team will go over topics and questions presented to them and create videos addressing those items. You will also receive access to worksheets, marketing templates, free images for your marketing, and more. Our Ultimate Toolbox has everything you need to continue your learning and to help you with hiring, company culture, print marketing and more!

Live Events

W360 is excited to offer exclusive live events to our valued customers. These dynamic two-day training sessions, held in Conroe, feature our CEO Tom Decker personally delivering his renowned "When Can You Do It" sales process. The event encompasses an extensive range of topics including business branding, marketing strategies, and an immersive dive into in-home sales through role-playing exercises.

Designed for both learning and enjoyment, these events include complimentary lunch and an interactive Q&A session with Tom, addressing all your queries. Available monthly, these sessions are not just an educational journey but also a fantastic networking opportunity.

For our subscribers, there's an added perk: two free tickets to this event are included with your subscription. Once you're a part of the W360 family, simply visit our events page to register. Join us for an unforgettable learning experience that could redefine your sales approach!

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